Generate Unique Business Name with these 10 Tools

Choosing a great business name is probably the most overwhelming task but also the most important.

A business name that stands out can do wonders for your business. It helps you appeal the crowd, apart from the fact that it builds trust as well.

You should choose something that has a direct relation with what your offering to your visitors. If you are selling clothes for women, you will have to pick a name that already hints at the auidence out there about your business. Similarly, you can apply this methodology to any business type you want to promote.

Have a look at the best tools for generating a unique business name.

1  Shopify


It is known as an eCommerce platform, Shopify also has lots of side tools that are quite helpful, and on of them is business name generator.

All you have to do is enter a word related to your business or brand and the tool will suggest you tons of business names that you can use. The interesting is that, along with the generated business names, you will also be able to see the availability of domain. This makes it easier for you.

Another very helpful element of this tool is that you will select the categories for which you need a brand name.

2  Business Name Generator


Business Name Generator has categories you can select from, all you have to do is enter your relevant query into the field to get a ton of results. You can easily filter through the results and even check the availability of that domain.

The filter options let you sort by business, character count and even lets you select from one or two words. Other than that, you can choose to include a rhyming words.

3  Namelix


Start by searching relevant query and get a short, brandable business name on Namelix. When you enter a query, it allows you to choose your name length and style, consisting of options like:

  • Person names
  • Rhyming words
  • Real words

When you tap “Generate” after selecting these options, it shows you a lots of business names that’s ready to be used, along with pre-made logos.

4  BrandBucket


You can either enter keyword or browse business names by category to generate your brand name via BrandBucket. Along with finding the name, you get the option to purchase the domain name and even use the generated logo.

5  Novamym


You can find unique and memorable business names with Novamym. Just type your query, select your business type and name style along with 3 high-quality logo designs for each name. Along with it, you can buy an exact match .com domain.

6  Squadhelp


Squadhelp helps you find personalized names in any industry. They exactly knows what makes a great business name and have different categories to choose from. Start by entering your keyword, industry and emotions to include your name and within seconds you will have results.

Here, you can check the names for domain availability and trademark conflicts. They also have a premium collection of ready to use names.

7  NameMesh


By entering up to 3 queries relevant to your business, NameMesh will quickly generate brand names along with their domain availability. The result can be categorized into eight different sections, like fun, new, short, SEO-centric, etc.

If you would like to enter more than 3 queries to faten the search, you can make use of the tool at the very bottom of the page.

8  Zyro


Enter your keywords, pick a name from the many results and get started with your business on Zyro. Alternatively, you can use their website builder to go online as soon as you pick your brand name wihtout wasting time.

They also have their own logo maker that you can check out.

9  NameSnack


Quickly get 100s of business names ideas along with domain availability with NameSnack. Once you enter your keyword, this tool suggest you most suitable names along with different styles, after which you can go ahead with the pre-made logos.

The best thing about it is that it combines the power of keywords, machine learning, and other propriety techniques to come up with the best selection of brand names.

10  Namesmith


With Namesmith, you get the option to find brand names by entering several keywords or get random name ideas. Once you find your perfect match, you can quickly check its domain availability.

Whatever search you do on Namesmith is kept very private, whether it’s the keywords or the names that you select.

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